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Invited Talks

Cognition-Based Machine Learning

Prof. Piet Kommers

Professor of UNESCO Learning Technologies

So far machine learning has instigated considerable paradigms that affected human learning the last four decades. This keynote lecture highlights the essentials of how future machine learning models may inherit learning mechanisms that, so far, kept in the arena of the human mind theories and short-cuts in human associative memory in particular. The first one is the recent findings on long term memory consolidation during slow-wave sleep; In a certain sense, consolidation justifies the growing common sense phrase: „Learning by Forgetting„. Its implication is that the effective integration of new knowledge replies on intense background processes that escape from awareness and thus demand future hypothesizing on how various types of self-organization may develop in the background of metacognitive elaborations. The second one is the mechanism of recent findings on cross-linguistic universals that show that lexical and even syntactic analogies are detected in unforeseen mechanisms. For machine learning these two are eye-openers for excavating the more complete spectrum of cognition-based counter intuitions that may prove to be inevitable for machine learning performances that we might need in big data and analysing latent patterns.


Piet Kommers is pioneer in innovative media and leader of NATO Advanced Research Workshops on Cognitive Learning Tools. UNESCO professor and scientific leader with extensive experience in educational technology and social media. „ .... Media have proved to be instrumental to societal evolution the last few decades: the smart phone, virtual reality, interactive video, hypermedia, expert systems, modelling and simulations.„ He is Ph.D. holder in Educational- and Media Design, with a Master in Pedagogy and a Bachelor degree in Teacher Education. Received the prestigious academic award for innovative „Experimental Design „ and was offered a research position in collaborative group problem solving wherein he designed the „Concise Urban Planning Task„. Long-term experience at management level coupled with a strategic appreciation and vision. Methodical in evaluation and systematic implementation. A strong work ethic with a high level of personal integrity (leading by example); able to create trust in teams.

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